10 Synergy Blends Sampler
Includes ten blends formulated for synergistic action plus carrier oil
10 Synergy Blends Sampler

Open yourself to a whole new world of therapeutic possibility with these amazing blends from Aroma Shield. Each 5 ml bottle will surprise you both with its clean aroma and its ability to produce results. This is one of the most exciting kits we offer.

The real test of any essential oil company is the synergy of their blends. And in this sampler, you can discover the 'best of the best' from Aroma Shield. Our first priority in creating these blends is to provide effective therapeutic results through synergistic natural chemistry. And the proof is in using the oils on yourself.

This kit lets you sample the following 10 blends: Concentr-8 (mental focus), Elev-8 (mood-enhancing), Holiday Armor (air purification), IMMUNO (immune system), Lullaby (sedative), ORTHO (anti-inflammatory), Romance Enhance (aphrodisiac), Soothe (pain), Stress Shield (stress relief), and Triple Shield (antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral). All oils come in 5 ml bottles.

The kit also includes 2 oz. of our quality carrier oil blend and a free electronic download of "Essential Oil Therapy: Getting Started," an extremely useful 54-pagebooklet that provides in-depth information for the ten Aroma Shield blends in this sampler.

10 Synergy Blends Sampler

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