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Aroma Shield’s founders have more than 25 years of combined experience in researching, testing and publishing information on the therapeutic use of essential oils.  We have worked as advisors and consultants to some of the largest essential oil companies in the United States.  Over the years, using essential oils has become second nature for our families.  We determined to use our experience and contacts to create a source for our own families and friends that would insure ready availability of first quality essential oils for our children and grandchildren, at the lowest possible cost.  To keep overhead low and prices reasonable, we chose to avoid network marketing and brick and mortar retail.  When we decided to use the Internet to provide the simplest and best price/quality solution, the concept of Aroma Shield was born.

We have used our long exposure to essential oils to source and package quality essential oils with an emphasis on carrying reasonably priced certified organic oils.  What you’ll find in this website is an essential oil product line that will satisfy both the novice and the experienced aromatherapist with therapeutically efficacious essential oils at surprising reasonable prices. 

We are confident you will find Aroma Shield essential oils to be as good as any essential oils you have ever used.  You have our commitment that we are offering the best essential oils we can find, the same oils we use on ourselves and our children.