Clove Bud (Organic) 15ml
Syzygium aromaticum
Clove Bud (Organic) 15ml

Clove bud oil combines strong antibacterial and antifungal properties with an anesthetic ability. No wonder it was used commonly by early dentists before pharmaceutical anesthetics became available. It has been reported to boost the immune system. Because it is anticoagulant, it should not be used with blood thinners.

Extraction: Steam distilled from organic clove buds
Medical Properties: analgesic, anesthetic, antibacterial, anticoagulant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, hormone-like, hypertensor, immunostimulant, insect repellant, mental stimulant, neurotonic, rubefacient, uterotonic
Actions: reduces and soothes localized pain, eliminates pain by loss of sensation, kills or retards bacteria, prevents coagulation in the blood reducing the potential for blood clots, kills or retards mold and fungi, reduces pain/redness/swelling/heat symptoms that accompany inflammation, fights infection topically, relaxes tension in muscles and organs, kills or retards viruses, behaves similar to hormones in stimulating and regulating cells, tends to raise blood pressure, stimulates the immune system and increases resistance to infection, repels insects, improves concentration, supports and improves nerve function, stimulates circulation and therefore redness in the skin, supports the health of the uterus
Dilution: 1:2
Photosensitizing: No
Precautions: Should always be diluted for topical application. Always perform a skin test first before using topically. Persons using blood thinners should not use this oil. Do not ingest clove oil as it is toxic to the liver.  Keep away from children and well away from eye area.  If pregnant or under a doctor's care, consult your physician before using.
Used In:  IMMUNO, ORTHO, Holiday Armor, B-Shield, F-Shield, V-Shield, Triple Shield, Bug Drops, Circul-8, Concentr-8, Endure!, HeadRest, Memory Magic, Soothe, Invigor-8, Reverence, BackFactors #3 and Invigor-8 Massage Oil

Clove Bud (Organic) 15ml

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