Diffusion Starter Kit
Contains four 15 ml bottles of diffusing blends and a complete nebulizing diffuser
Diffusion Starter Kit

You can begin diffusing essential oils within minutes after you open this kit, and enjoy the benefits of purified, aromatized air in your home or office.

One of the most useful applications of essential oils is in diffusing them in the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Not only do they fill the air with delightful natural aromas, they also cleanse, purify and oxygenate the air that you breathe, their antimicrobial properties working to eliminate airborne germs and bacteria. This diffusion application is being used in many hospitals to effectively reduce the spread of disease.

All it takes is a nebulizing diffuser and some essential oils. In this kit we have packaged four different blends, designed specifically for air purification, together with a quality nebulizing diffuser. The kit contains everything you need to start diffusing in your home immediately. The four blends are Citrus Armor, Evergreen Armor, Holiday Armor and Sinus Armor, each designed to effectively remove germs from ambient air, reducing the chances of infection in the home. All four diffusing oils come in 15 ml bottles.  

This diffuser can be used with a timer to control the amount of diffusing that occurs each hour.

Diffusion Starter Kit

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