Sinus Armor™, 15 ml
Air Purification Blend
Sinus Armor™, 15 ml

The antibacterial and antiviral oils in Sinus Armor™ provide an ideal blend for diffusing at night to help relieve sinus congestion, especially at night/during sleep. Formulated to fight infection while opening and decongesting sinus airways, this blend can be of real value for older children and adults with colds or other sinus infections.

Ingredients: Certified organic and pure grade essential oils of niaouli, lime, lemon, eucalyptus globulus, lavender, eucalyptus polybractea and oregano
Purpose: Air purification/diffusion
GRAS/FA Status: n/a
Dilution: Neat for diffusing; 1:1 for topical application
Photosensitizing: Yes
Precautions: non-toxic; may cause skin reaction on sensitive or Asian skin if not fully diluted. Use sparingly in topical application. Keep away from children and well away from eye area. If pregnant, taking medications, under doctor's care, or experiencing severe allergies, please consult your physician before using.

Sinus Armor™, 15 ml

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