Spearmint (Organic) 15ml
Mentha spicata
Spearmint (Organic) 15ml

Spearmint is similar to peppermint, except that it has a slightly sweeter aroma and has only trace amounts of menthol, making it less harsh on the skin. Thus spearmint is preferable over peppermint for use on children with digestive problems such as nausea or diarrhea. Some have found spearmint effective in preventing hair loss. Inhaling the aroma has a decongesting effect on sinuses. Most people will find it relaxing and soothing, mentally.

Extraction: Steam distilled from organic leaves and stems
Medical Properties: antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, carminative, cholagogue, digestive, deodorant, insect repellant, mucolytic, sedative, sudorific
Actions: kills or retards mold and fungi, reduces pain/redness/swelling/heat symptoms that accompany inflammation, relaxes tension in muscles and organs, relieves symptoms of gas (flatulence), stimulates bile secretion into the small intestine for the digestion of fats, improves appetites and supports digestion, masks or neutralizes unpleasant body odors, repels insects, dissolves thick mucus, calms and soothes the central nervous system, promotes perspiration to eliminate toxins
Dilution: 1:1
Photosensitizing: No
Precautions: Keep bottles away from children and keep oils well away from eye area.  If pregnant or under doctor's care, consult your physician before using.
Used In: GASTRO, Citrus Armor, Bug Drops, Lady Life, Motion Potion, Invigor-8, Rosemary Shine Hair Conditioner and Invigor-8 Massage Oil

Spearmint (Organic) 15ml

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