Tea Tree (Organic) 15ml
Melaleuca alternifolia
Tea Tree (Organic) 15ml

Tea Tree has a long history as an antimicrobial oil, and has been researched for its effectiveness on many bacteria, fungi and even viruses. It is a strong oil with a strong aroma and should be used sparingly. It is a useful first aid option for cuts, scrapes and bruises, and has traditionally been used in many oral hygiene products to help with mouth sores and infections as well as sore throats. Some studies have shown that tea tree in combination with other essential oils, such as geranium and oregano, may be able to control MRSA (a common drug-resistant staph infection).

Extraction: Steam distilled from organic leaves and twigs
Medical Properties: analgesic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, antiviral, immunostimulant, neurotonic
Actions: reduces and soothes localized pain, kills or retards bacteria, kills or retards mold and fungi, reduces pain/redness/swelling/ heat symptoms that accompany inflammation, kills intestinal parasites, kills or retards viruses, stimulates the immune system increasing resistance to infection, supports and improves nerve function
GRAS/FA Status: none
Dilution: 1:1
Photosensitizing: No
Precautions: Can be mildly irritating to those with very sensitive skin. Dilute 50/50 for application on large areas, or apply on soles of feet.  Keep away from children and well away from eye area.  If pregnant or under doctor's care, consult your physician before using.
Used In: IMMUNO, Evergreen Armor, F-Shield, V-Shield and Burn Drops

Tea Tree (Organic) 15ml

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