Transform™, 15ml
Metabolism Support Blend
Transform™,  15ml

Combines 7 different essential oils, known to support body metabolism and fat burning. Intended for topical use on areas of excess fat (3-6 drops twice a day) and also as an additive to pure water (4-5 drops per 12 oz glass) to assist when following a weight-loss diet and exercise regimen.  Contains cinnamon bark and clove bud oils which can irritate sensitive skin.  Should be diluted 1:1 in vegetable oil before applying topically.

Ingredients: Certified organic and pure grade essential oils of grapefruit, lemon, lime, peppermint, ginger, cinnamon and clove
Purpose: Metabolism support 
Dilution: 1:1
Photosensitizing: Mild
Precautions: Intended for topical application to problem areas and for consumption in water (4-5 drops per 12 oz glass).  Non-toxic, may result in skin irritation or sensitization on sensitive or Asian skin if not diluted fully. Use sparingly. Keep away from children and well away from eye area. If pregnant, taking medications, under doctor's care, or experiencing severe allergies, please consult your physician before using.

Transform™,  15ml

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